Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cancer Career Horoscope 2017

Cancer Horoscope 2017 Predictions

As mentioned, this is a beautiful financial year. The year starts off with Jupiter moving through your own Sign. In general this is a sign of wealth – of the good life. Even if you don’t have big earnings, you will live on a scale of someone who does. The Cosmos will arrange all kinds of things – travel, fancy restaurants, nice and expensive clothing, jewellery and the like.

These things could come as gifts or as prizes (by winning contests and the like). Jupiter in your own Sign brings more than just money. It brings optimism and joy. It expands your horizons and your opinion of yourself. Cancerians who have self-esteem problems will watch them dissolve into nothingness this year. Dame Fortune guides you in all your ways, and any good thing can happen at any time. If it’s too good to be true – it probably is true.Many of you will receive promotions and increased recognition at work. Students will receive honours.

Those of you who are university-bound will hear good news on that front. The fact that luck is with you doesn’t mean that you just stop your personal efforts and wait for the pot of gold to drop on you. On the contrary, continue pursuing your goals and working towards them. Luck will merely enhance your efforts. As the months progress it will slowly dawn on many of you that you are worthy of more money, more good, more happiness. As this realization unfolds, the opportunities for these will come to you. On August 1st the focus shifts from merely personal pleasure and the good life to actual earnings. Assets you own will increase in value.

Even a financial setback initially will lead to wealth later on. Financial opportunities will come – either through work or through business opportunities. Professional investors will be inspired in their investments. Jupiter, as mentioned, is also your Health Planet. On a financial level this translates to job offers in the health field, or inspired investments there. Whatever your business, a client in the health field will come and bring profits to you. Jupiter is your Work Planet too.

Thus conditions at the workplace are much happier. A dream job is offered to you. An employee inspired by the angels comes up with a profitable idea or technique. Employees in general are supporting your financial goals. Most importantly, financial horizons are expanded. Goals that seemed like impossibilities a few short months ago now seem attainable. When the horizons are expanded new ideas can penetrate. Be on the alert for wealth ideas this period. Many of you will travel more for business. Others will find financial opportunities in foreign countries or with foreigners.

Your market is now the globe. Up to now the psychological and material effects of Jupiter’s transit have been discussed. But the most important effect is the one that may pass you by if you’re not alert: the spiritual effect. Jupiter is a planet of Higher Knowledge and Revelation. Wherever he moves in your Horoscope he brings both the knowledge of a principle and a ‘how to’ application. Many important and subtle wealth principles are revealed during this period. If you grasp these principles, wealth will always be available to you, regardless of where Jupiter is in the heavens. This is his true gift.


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