Friday, December 25, 2015

Taurus Career Horoscope 2017

Taurus Horoscope 2017 Predictions

As mentioned earlier, both finance and career are probably the most important and interesting areas this year. On the financial front, Saturn is firmly stationed in your Money House all year. Now, for most people – for other Signs – this is a daunting aspect. For Saturn shows you your limits. Saturn works to bring order, structure and a realistic perspective on things. Saturn’s mission is to bring ‘stable and enduring’ wealth – the real thing. Though most people want stable and enduring wealth, they don’t want to do the things – adopt the practices and processes – needed to achieve it. But for you,

Taurus, this will be a good transit – pleasant even. For this is what you are all about. You will be much richer when the year is out than before. You will be in a financial regimen that is healthy and wealth-producing. So this is a year of financial structuring – re-ordering – gaining strength and stability to weather any kind of condition.

Many astrologers associate Saturn with lack and limitation. And though this sometimes happens it is not because Saturn is doing it, it is because we have violated some law or principle. Basically, Saturn wants to bring financial health to you. Financial health, like physical health, is all about ‘right proportion’. When a person is living a ‘proportional life’, financial health is a natural consequence. What is right proportion? It means living within your means.

It means making the most of existing resources. It means cutting back on waste and needless expense. It means allocating your wealth and earnings so that all areas of life get fed. A certain percentage of earnings should go into savings and investment, a certain percentage to charity, a certain percentage towards ‘fun and leisure’ activities, a certain percentage towards living expenses and paying off debts, etc.

These are the things you are going to learn and practise this year. When you live proportionately you will find that the universe has supplied ‘enough’ for every need. Saturn is often associated with pessimism. And, in truth, you need to guard against this. Saturn likes to show you ‘worst-case scenarios’ so that you can plan a way out or conquer the fear or mistake that is behind it.

These ‘worstcase scenario’ situations (they probably won’t happen to you physically, but the fear of them will arise) are the doorways, the short-cuts to affluence. Dealing with them makes you stronger and gives necessary knowledge. It is a ‘seasoning’ process. Most importantly, Saturn is imparting a long-term perspective on wealth.

He wants you to see the big picture and to make moves now in line with that.Co-operate with what Saturn is trying to teach and you’ll sail through the year with glorious ease. Resist (this is unlikely) and you’ll face one crisis after another. Jupiter will be in the Sign of Cancer until August 1st and then in your 4th House afterwards. Both of these positions suggest money from property, hotels, restaurants and industries that cater to the home. Investors should study these sectors as there are profit opportunities here. Jupiter in your 3rd House until August 1st suggests that many of you are getting new cars, computers and communication equipment – good quality items. Sales and marketing activities go well.

Money comes from buying and selling – trading. The correct use of the media – advertising and public relations – has a dynamic impact on profits. After August 1st, money comes from family, family connections or from a family business. Family members in general will be more financially supportive (this support could also come from people who are like family to you).

Career is still undergoing ferment and change. It is very exciting, but also unstable – and this is the main difficulty for you. You like routine, you like stability, you like to know that you have a certain job or a certain place in your company. But these days none of these things is assured. This is why it is so important to set up a long-term financial plan and why it is important to co-operate with Saturn.


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