Monday, January 4, 2016

Aquarius Career Horoscope 2017

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 Predictions

Though your 2nd House of Money is not a House of Power, the Ruler of your 2nd House, Neptune, is powerful by position. He is in your own Sign and angular in the Horoscope. Thus finance is important this year. Many of the financial trends spoken of last year are still in effect. Neptune is a long-term planet and his trends last for many, many years. Neptune is the most spiritual of all the planets. This suggests that financial success comes from being true to yourself and from being correctly aligned with the Higher Power within you.

You must be open to the inspired ideas that come from that dimension. Neptune is also the planet of intuition – so, like last year, your intuition is being trained in financial matters. The challenge is in discerning between a true intuition and feelings that come from a gut level. This will describe the financial adventure you are on for years to come.

There will be ups and downs and many a mistake, but ultimately you will be rewarded for following your intuition. It is, indeed, the short cut to wealth. Financial problems are not what they seem now. These are merely calls of a Higher Power wanting to get your attention. When it wants your attention
it will send you a financial problem; when it succeeds in getting you in closer alignment the financial problems will dissolve of its own accord. It had no other purpose.

Though in hindsight intuition never violates logic, while you are in the experience it could seem very illogical. People who don’t function the way you function will think you are crazy – and this is one of your financial challenges these days, especially if you have investors or bosses to answer to. When a planet like Neptune is one’s Financial Planet, it means the financial life, investments, purchases, debt repayment, financial planning and retirement issues must all be left to the Higher Power. You will understand the scripture, ‘the government shall be upon his shoulders’.

This power is vast, has bigger ideas and bigger resources than you do and is very competent. Trusting it and its guidance is both the road to affluence and the great challenge. There will be many tests of faith. Faith becomes an important quality to develop these days. This configuration also shows more generosity and charitable giving. ‘Tithing’ is an especially helpful practice with Neptune as your Money Planet. Tithing is the systematic giving of 10 per cent of your income to a charity, ministry or cause you believe in. Believe it or not, this simple practice will uproot many a poverty complex and strengthen your faith in the ‘supply of a Higher Power’.

The more you give (though you shouldn’t overdo it) the more comes back to you, multiplied and magnified. There is much to be written about this, but only a few things bear mentioning. Tithed money seems to stretch further, it buys more. It seems more immune to loss. People think, ‘Well, now I have 10 per cent less with which to pay my bills or handle my expenses.’ The truth is very much otherwise. Bargains and deals come to you. Things (and even money) can come by grace. A creditor who seemed ferocious becomes like a pussy cat and might even forgive (or ease the terms of) a debt. Dreams and visions will guide your spending and investments. A stranger might say something out of the blue that sparks your intuition. Anything that helps you get into the Grace of a Higher Power is going to help you financially. Professional investors should look at oil, natural gas, water companies and water utilities, retirement homes, pharmaceuticals, shoe manufacturers and retailers.

The high-tech industry should also be looked at. Your Money Planet in your 1st Solar House continues a trend written of last year. There is a need, urge and desire to dress for success, to don the image of wealth. There is a magic to this – you do it not to deceive other people (though many can fall into this error) but to get into the ‘vibrations’ of wealth. Looking and feeling the part is important. Wealth, like life itself, is 90 per cent magic – and you need to explore the magic of it. So, many of you will be dressing expensively and glamorously – projecting the image of wealth – and this of itself attracts financial opportunity to you. Career is going to improve this year too – especially after August when Jupiter moves into fabulous alignment with Pluto, your Career Planet. Pay rises, promotions and career opportunities come.

Friends – and possibly a new love interest – play a big role here. As mentioned earlier, writers, teachers and communicators are going to have a banner year. Their work will excel and be recognized – the financial rewards usually follow. Job-seekers meet with excellent success – especially until August. Dream jobs await. Employers are expanding the workforce. The workers that come are good quality too.

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