Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gemini 2017 Love Horoscope

2017 Gemini Love Predictions

Your 7th House of Love and Romance is a House of Power this year – it has been a strong House for many years now and the trend continues. Many of you have married in the past year or so. Many of you are involved in significant relationships that are like marriage. Now the task is to maintain and evolve the relationship.

The interesting thing about love is that you and your partner both seem interested in transformation. Both of you are giving birth to the people you want to be, and trying to do so in the context of a relationship. Since transformation is a tricky business, involving many explosions and the expurgation of much negative psychic material, the relationship can be volatile. But if there is real love, each can be a help to the other as these processes happen – hopefully they won’t happen to both of you at the same time. Since you and your partner are evolving on a personal level, it is only natural that the relationship will also evolve. Over time it will completely transform. What will it become? We can only dimly imagine. Probably more than anything you ever dreamed of. But this evolution has dangers, too. The relationship could explode.

You and your partner could change so much as to be different from the people who originally fell in love. If this is the case, then a quiet ending and a new start seem called for. Sometimes one partner is evolving faster than the other and this too puts a stress on the relationship. Singles or uninvolved Geminis have plenty of romantic opportunities this year.

This is especially so after August 1st, when your Love Planet (Jupiter) moves into Leo and in fabulous aspect to Pluto (occupying your House of Love).  Singles find love in various places and ways this year. At the doctor’s surgery, the hospital or the workplace; as you pursue your financial goals, perhaps at the bank, broker’s or accountant’s office; in the neighbourhood or with a neighbour. Love and romance will be happier after August 1st than before. Jupiter in Leo creates a fun-loving, honeymoon energy.

There is much going out and entertainment. Jupiter in Leo has its downside, too. It could make you feel that a relationship is only about fun, and when the party stops – or there is a lull in the party – you want out. Jupiter in Leo is not very tolerant of the ‘rough spots’ in a relationship. All in all, this is a good social year. Not a perfect one, mind you, but good. Your parents’ marriage is status quo – whether they are single or together. Children of marriageable age are also status quo in their love life. Siblings and grandchildren of marriageable age have great opportunity, only little stability. But there is a significant relationship happening for them.


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