Saturday, January 30, 2016

Leo 2017 Love Horoscope

2017 Leo Love Predictions

Your love life has been unstable for many years, and this trend is continuing. However, it is less unstable than it has been in the past. Everything is a matter of degree. Love can come quickly, suddenly and out of the blue – and leave just as quickly. Affections are volatile and can change at the drop of a hat. Your love life is a giant soap opera and neither you nor your friends know what’s going to happen in the next episode. The problems in love are not coming from your lack of appeal or personal magnetism.

This is abundant this year. Rather, it is coming from a sense of experimentation, a subconscious desire for freedom, not wanting to be tied down or committed. There is a desire for constant change, a tendency to be bored with the same thing all the time. The tendency is to meet lovers who also feel that way. And so the fun begins. Married Leos are having a volatile time. I’m sure there have been many divorces among our Leo brothers and sisters in the past few years, and there will be many more. Those interested in preserving their relationships should work to create change and excitement within their relationships.

Travel more, do different things – the weirder the better. Experiment (in constructive ways) sexually. Be a friend as well as a lover to your spouse. This year (and for the past few years) it has been much easier to be a single Leo than a married one. Singles will find love in the usual places: parties, places
of entertainment, on line, through the introduction of friends. Seminars and group events are also likely meeting grounds. Astrology and astrologers play a big role in your love life. Many of you will either consult with an astrologer about this or be involved romantically with someone knowledgeable on the subject. As in past years, you are fascinated by unique people.

They have to be super-intelligent, good conversationalists, and stand apart from the herd. High-tech orientated people are also alluring. Jupiter moving into your Sign in August is a great personal transit for you. But it might not be that great for love. Sometimes good and happy transits shake up a delicate equilibrium in a relationship and the partner doesn’t like it. It’s as if the ‘balance of power’ shifts. They can’t put their finger on what bothers them – it’s a non-verbal vibration – but they subtly resent it. It’s the change of the status quo they resent. Sometimes the good transit will deliberately uproot a relationship, as the good it wants to bring is being blocked by it. But true love will weather any storm. Singles have especially great love opportunities from January 19th to February 18th.

Mercury retrograde in your House of Love during this period suggests great caution in how you communicate with your lover. Miscommunications are more likely this period and can add even more volatility to an already volatile love life. Those of you working towards a second marriage (either in a second marriage or looking for a second marriage) have a status quo year. Those of you who are in a third marriage are experiencing some crises – the marriage is being tested. Those of you looking to marry for the third time meet with opportunity, but should be patient and let love unfold as it will – rushing into a third marriage would be a mistake. Those working towards a fourth marriage seem successful after August. There is much opportunity this year.


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