Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2017

Sagittarius Horoscope 2017 Predictions

Though your 2nd House is not powerful this year, this is still shaping up to be a strong financial year. Not perfect, but more good than bad – more easy than stressful. Saturn is your Money Planet and he is powerfully positioned on the angle of your chart. Thus, even though your Money House is empty (more or less), the Lord of the Finance is prominent because of his position. Finances will be active and important.

Saturn as your Money Planet tends to be conservative in money matters. There is a need to take a long-term approach to both earnings and investments. A well-aspected Saturn (which we have here) shows the ability to spot long-term value and gives a disciplined, patient approach to investing. Wealth builds up slowly and gradually. Generally there is an abhorrence to risk-taking – unless the risks are calculated and well hedged. Though Sagittarians are known for their luck, their wealth and their free-spending, happy-go-lucky ways, it is Saturn, as their financial Ruler, that is the secret behind their wealth. They never really come into their own financially until they adopt some of Saturn’s attitudes.

Saturn rules this year’s earnings from the Sign of Gemini (like last year), the Sign of Communication. Thus communication skills, the gift of the gab, knowledge and information play a big role in earnings. In many cases this indicates earnings from marketing, trading, buying and selling. In other cases from teaching, writing and lecturing. In still other cases from investments in media, telecommunications and transport. Saturn rules earnings from the 7th House of Love, Romance and Social Activities.

Thus, as mentioned earlier, a business partnership is likely. Money comes from social skills, networking and social contacts. Good friends are like money in the bank, though they will never appear on any balance sheet. Friends and social contacts seem to support your financial goals and provide financial opportunities. Many Sagittarians will earn money from their marriage this year. Your spouse is prospering greatly and seems very generous towards you. Those involved in business partnerships also prosper.

The Solar Eclipse of June 10th occurs right near your Money Planet. This shows long-term changes in your financial life. Flawed financial strategies or expectations are revealed so that you can take corrective action. Longsimmering financial disputes with your spouse or partner come up for resolution. Jupiter is in your 8th House until August. This indicates that debts are made and repaid very easily. A good year to get out of debt or to refinance it on easier terms. Those of you who have good ideas will easily attract outside investors or outside capital to your projects. Tax issues with the government (if you have them) seem resolved along best-case scenarios. Those of you involved with insurance or royalty claims and the like also have good success. Saturn’s opposition to Pluto all year shows some conflict between spiritual and material values – probably this is brought on by your partnership or marriage.

Money-making opportunities come which conflict with your morals or sense of right and wrong. Or you must spend in areas that violate your sense of right and wrong. Tough decisions have to be made. Career seems status quo, as your Career House is not a House of Power. Career will be more affected by the shortterm trends of the transiting planets and will be reported on in the month-by-month forecasts. Job-seekers and employers have a status quo year.

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