Sunday, January 3, 2016

Scorpio Career Horoscope 2017

Scorpio Horoscope 2017 Predictions

A strong and prosperous financial year, Scorpio. Enjoy. Your 2nd House of finance is powerful, which shows that it is an area of interest and importance to you. You are focused on finance, and your focus and interest is 90 per cent of the battle. Jupiter, your Money Planet, is in its most exalted position – the Sign of Cancer – and in the most fortunate House of your Horoscope – the 9th House. Jupiter is making beautiful aspects to your Sun for most of the year and is basically well aspected on its own. All of this translates to increased earnings and increased net worth. Your financial goals are big – larger than life.

You are not interested in merely earning your living, but in attaining big wealth. There are increased financial opportunities – many coming from academia, foreign lands or with foreigners. Religious institutions or religious persons are also involved in your financial life – and in a very good way. Speculations are favourable. Lady luck is with you in your investments and purchases. Assets you own increase in value.

There is an overall financial optimism and confidence – this too is 90 per cent of the battle. As Henry Ford said, ‘Those who believe they can and those who believe they can’t are both right.’ You believe you can, and the results follow. You seem to be in the right place at the right time to recognize and seize opportunity. Also you are earning in ways that are comfortable to you – in line with your nature and talents – and this too is very important.

You can be yourself and still prosper. Jupiter makes sensational aspects to your Sun until August 1st and to Pluto afterwards. Both of these planets involve your body, image and personal appearance. I read this as dressing for success, donning the image of wealth, a recognition that the right image is a big factor in earnings. You will probably dress expensively this year. Scorpios by nature are not flashy dressers; they like to hide their charms. But you will be an ‘expensive’ conservative dresser. On August 1st Jupiter will begin to transit your Solar Midheaven – this is the most elevated and powerful point in the Horoscope. (Jupiter leaves its ‘exalted’ position in Cancer and moves over the most ‘elevated position’ – the Midheaven.) So wealth should increase even more. This Midheaven point (which will be different for each of you depending on your birthday) also marks the beginning of your 10th House of Career.

Thus, this move is bringing not just money but status, prestige, honours, recognition and promotions at work. You are likely to achieve more fame in your chosen line of work. In many cases there is greater involvement with your community or government, in a good way. There are dealings with people of power and prominence. Under this aspect people get elected to high office at their local community club or organization. Professional politicians will win elections. Many of you will contribute financially to political campaigns. And many will benefit on a financial level from political connections.

The high and the mighty are with you and eager to grant their favours. New and better career opportunities offer themselves. The sky’s the limit. Scorpios who are students are likely to hear good news about university. Some will win scholarships. Those already at university will do well in their studies and earn honours.

When the Money Planet is on or near the Midheaven of the chart, money becomes the Number 1 priority in life. Many people try to hide this, as it is usually frowned upon socially, but underneath it is so. Since no one can focus like a Scorpio, we get a sense of laser-like concentration on finance. And it will pay off. You will be very generous this year, both to friends and to charities. You will be a big spender. All of this is in keeping with your increased earnings. Professional investors should study property, publishing, banking and traditional blue-chip stocks. Gaming and entertainment stocks also seem fruitful. The income of siblings is status quo – financial management is more important than earnings – they need to stop the financial leaks.

The income of a parent (or parental figure) is super – but especially after August 1st. He or she is living the good life these days. Income of children is status quo. Income of grandchildren is wonderful – nice windfalls coming. Income of your spouse could be better; he or she needs to practise better financial management.


  1. Hello..and thanks for the great insight.
    I would like to know how career opportunities will be? And do you see a change in workplace is beneficial?
    Thanks in advance

  2. I am still unemployed despite having very good educational qualifications