Friday, February 5, 2016

Aquarius 2017 Love Horoscope

Aquarius 2017 Love Predictions

A very happy and productive social life this year. Romance is one of the highlights of the coming year. Three interesting things are going on simultaneously. Saturn in your 5th House is causing some disenchantment with uncommitted love affairs.

These are probably not turning out well. Jupiter moving into your 7th House is causing a longing for something more permanent and real. Along with all of this, Uranus in your own Sign spurs you to ever more freedom and independence. What a mix! With all of this going on, it’s no surprise that many of you are totally confused about love and about the next step to take. Yet underneath all of this something beautiful is working through. The chaos is only the prelude to a new order and new manifestation. The Cosmos is smart. A Mr or Ms Right is coming along who will clear up the confusion and resolve all the contradictions. You can have personal freedom and committed love, at the same time.

You can also have a relationship that has all the fun of a love affair but is more enduring. You will meet someone who admires your independence and self-reliance – perhaps he or she even prizes it. Also likely is that this person is as freedom-loving as you are. Jupiter, as mentioned, is a teacher of First Principles.

He gives knowledge and revelation as to how to apply these. So love attitudes will clarify and you will see that as long as you adhere to the principle of love and commitment, all kinds of things are possible. Jupiter will show you that aside from love and commitment, there are really no rules about relationships – each one is something unique and each one has its own dynamic.

The person you meet is a friend as well as a lover (Jupiter rules your 11th House of Friends), and this is a strength in the relationship. He or she wants your fondest hopes and wishes to come true – another strength. Further, the person seems to have the intelligence and wherewithal to do something about these things. But this love relationship involves much separation.

You still seem the nomad, and he or she is probably the same – an 11th House type. As long as your commitment to each other remains firm, this could work out. There will be many ups and downs. The highs will be very high, the lows could be unusually low. Fasten your seat belts for the roller-coaster ride. Singles find love among friends or through the introduction of friends.

Perhaps the person you meet has been a long-time friend and now things are developing further. Singles find love on line, or conduct the love affair on line. Organizations and seminars are also likely meeting grounds. As mentioned, a current love affair seems over. But this happens so that something more enduring can enter the picture. Let the dead bury the dead, it’s time to move on.

A lot of the friendships being made after August will either come through your career or be very helpful to your career. Children of marriageable age are being tested in love. Rough going. Married children are having their marriages tested. Grandchildren of marriageable age need patience. The marriage of a parent or parental figure is being tested. The social life of siblings is status quo. Aquarians in a second marriage or working to marry for a second time need patience. Those working on a third marriage meet with great opportunities after August 1st. A serious relationship is brewing.


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