Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sagittarius 2017 Love Horoscope

2017 Sagittarius Love Predictions

A very important, yet complex and bittersweet area of life this year. Difficult to categorize, as there are both easy and difficult things coming up. Like last year, Saturn is in your 7th House of Love and Marriage. This indicates a re-ordering and re-structuring of the love life. Marriages already in progress are getting re-ordered – and perhaps being severely tested.

Love and friendships are being tested and those that fail will fall by the wayside. Sagittarians are generally happy-go-lucky people. They make friends easily, often at the drop of a hat. They enter in love relationships easily too. Saturn in your 7th House is going to put a stop to this. There is a need for caution in love.

There is a need to focus on quality relationships rather than just quantity. This year (like last year) you learn that love is not a big honeymoon, but carries burdens, duties and responsibilities. Many of you who are romantically inclined will revise your definition of romance. In popular culture, sentiment and emotion get all the glory, but duty and right action are de-emphasized. This is a year where you learn that doing your duty, every day, relentlessly, is the highest form of love. Doing what’s right by your beloved, no matter how you feel, is true love.

This is a year for weeding out lukewarm or false friends and replacing them with good ones. The urge is for longterm, enduring relationships that will withstand the tests of time and circumstance. Many Sagittarians will marry this year – but they will marry from both the ‘head’ and the ‘heart’ rather than just the heart. In many cases there will be a marriage with someone older and more established. In other cases, with someone who is more traditional and stable. And in still other cases, as a career move.

Those of you involved in serious relationships should be patient this year. Let love evolve slowly and naturally. If the relationship is real it will deepen in a gradual way – usually through tests and crises. This is how Saturn likes to do things. Singles are attracted by people who can help them financially. There is a whole ‘practical and material’ aspect to relationships these days. There is a feeling that your social life is not just fun but needs to serve some practical ‘bottom line’ purpose.

Many Sagittarians will be social climbers, cultivating relationships with the prominent and powerful. Others will be trying to combine business with their social lives – making one serve the other. Many will enter in business partnerships this year (some have already entered into these last year), and some marriages can smack more of a business arrangement than an emotional union.

Saturn in the 7th House often denies marriage – and just as often introduces all sorts of delays into it. It will deny a marriage not destined to be long term, and delay a marriage where there is doubt. Those who do marry now will be in the relationship long term. Saturn is opposed by Pluto all year. This dramatizes a classic conflict that most people have – the need to balance personal desires and self-esteem with the desires of their spouse or lover. With Pluto in your 1st House your personal desires are intense and held with great conviction. So this balancing act is not as simple as it sounds. The financial interests of both you and your spouse – and especially how money is spent and apportioned – also seems a source of conflict. Always remember the middle way. Three eclipses will add further tests to marriage and serious relationships.

You have to decide one way or another. The good part of these eclipses is that the ‘price tag’ on your relationship will become clearer and you will be better able to decide whether you can, or want, to pay it. Those working towards a second marriage have wonderful opportunities after August 1st. Those of you already in a second marriage will have a more romantic period within your relationship. Those working on a third marriage or in a third marriage have a status quo year.


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